The Simple 3-Step Formula For Converting
High-end Sales on LinkedIn w/Ted Prodromou
July 23, 2014 6:30 pm – 8:45 pm
San Rafael Corporate Center
750 Lindaro Street, San Rafael

Some years back, I moderated a SofTech panel discussion on Business  Omi m88 Process Management. I got involved because I thought that the tools being offered at the time were compelling and I wanted an excuse to reach out to the BPM vendors and end-users. The event was a big success and I had a blast. There was an additional benefit as it turned out. My involvement provided talking points for the career move I made several months later from engineering to technical client services


Is there a topic that you’d like to learn more about Spbobet ?  You’d be surprised how little effort it takes to produce a SofTech event on just about any topic in the business/technology space. And I can tell you from experience that building a panel by networking with business and subject matter experts is both satisfying and rewarding.


Besides bringing industry experts together to tackle an industry topic that’s been stewing in your mind, perhaps the biggest upside to producing an event is the unique networking opportunity it presents.  Here you have the chance to sit down with the development or product manager at company X to discuss their interest in a speaking opportunity at SofTech.  I think you’d agree that this approach is a lot more effective than asking to get put through to the manager on a personal business matter.


There are also promotional benefits that come with producing a SofTech event. These include having your bio posted on SofTech.org. You will also be included in emails to our 650+ distribution list.


After having served as SofTech’s program director for two years, I’d be more than happy to coach you in producing an event if this is new territory for you.


Are you interested in any of the leading global tech initiatives such as social, cloud, mobile or Big Data?  Are there local California Poker88 Referral or Marin business initiatives that you’d like to see addressed in a public forum?


Please reach out to me if you’d like to moderate a panel discussion or if there is a topic you’d like to see SofTech address.